Borrowed Time


Ula Sickle,  Ballet National de Marseille & ICK Amsterdam
Performance 12 min

Premiere: 23, 24, 25 06 2017, Festival de Marseille

Borrowed Time is an improvised score for 4 dancers from the Ballet National de Marseille. Over seven minutes, the dancers create a choreography that relies on a dense network of gestures and relationships that unfold each time in a different way. When the time is up, they revisit their trajectory in reverse. In the performance the seams of the work are left visible and memory becomes the leading motif, both for the performers as for the public. What does the body remember? Is the mind not also a muscle?

Borrowed Time, is one of seven short pieces, created with the collaboration of dancers from the Ballet National de Marseille and ICK. Brought together over a single evening, the pieces all respond to the 7 Necessities, a manifesto drafted by Emio Greco and Peter C. Scholten in the late 90ies.

concept, direction Ula Sickle
created with and performed by Malgorzata Czajowska, Yoshiko Kinoshita, Andres Garcia Martinez, Kengo Nanjo
music Dronology Part 1, Octacilio Melga├žo
costume design Sabrina Seifried
executive production Ballet de Marseille & ICK
co production Festival de Marseille