The Host - An Incomplete History of Performance at TEA

The Host traces the history of performance at Tenerife Espacio de las artes. Taking the format of a guided tour, the work revisits the performances that have occurred within and around the building since its inauguration in 2008. Sickle weaves a narrative out of the disparate works spanning different time periods, including descriptions of the performances as well as myths, gossip and anecdotes. The Host makes visible the potential of the museum, not only as an exhibitor and collector of object-based art works, but also as a host for live art, which occupies its exhibition rooms and interstitial spaces, much as a parasite occupies its host’s body.

The original performance commissioned by S.M.A.K. museum in Ghent took place within the installation ‘Museum for a Small City’ by visual artist Richard Venlet. For this new version at TEA in Tenerife, the performance will take place in the central hall of the Herzog and De Meuron designed building.

In preparation for the performance choreographer Ula Sickle  carried out research in the museum’s archive and collection, watching videos of previous works and carrying out interviews with witnesses, participants and artists. The performance took place Saturday October 7th, 2023 19:00