Private Collection Vie Privee

In Private Collection / Vie Privée, Ula Sickle takes the audience on a detour-ridden journey through Belgian artist Marianne Berenhaut’s exhibition Mine de rien presented by CIAP in the historic machine rooms at CMINE in Genk.


Inspired by the materiality of Berenhaut's Poupéés-Poubelles—made of sheer nylon tights stuffed with textiles and daily objects—Sickle invited Sabrina Seifried and Joëlle Laederach to develop a series of wearable pieces, using natural latex—a mutable material known for its healing, protective, and sensual properties.


In choreography developed by Sickle and performer Katja Dreyer, and accompanied by the live music by Raphaël Hénard, Dreyer activates the pieces directly in the exhibition space.


It is not the first time Berenhaut’s work crosses paths with performing arts; several sculptures from the series Poupéés-Poubelles accompanied actor Brigitte Louveaux in a stage play which toured Europe in the 1980s, and which provided the context for this invitation.

Concept & choreography Ula Sickle

Creation & performance Katja Dreyer

Live sound Raphaël Hénard

Latex pieces Sabrina Seifried & Joëlle Laederach

Production Future Works


Special thanks to Marianne Berenhaut & Brigitte Louveaux. With the kind support of the Flemish Community, the city of Genk and CIAP members.

Private Collection / Vie Privée was commissioned by CIAP and C-mine (currently Jester) in the context of Marianne Berenhaut’s exhibition Mine de rien. Performances on 16th of January 2022