Performance 45min

Hopscotch is a guided tour of artist Richard Venlet's exhibition -it's walls, floors, ceiling and windows. The performance takes the museum visitors on a subjective tour of Venlet's exhibition. Jumping from one piece to another, Sickle evokes the original spaces and contexts in which the works on display were originally installed. Using narrative, gesture and the placement of her body in space, she fully immerses you in a series of locations and time periods like the disjointed narrative of Julio Cortázar's novel.

"Venlet's installations and works seem like narratives composed by some sort of aggregation. The resulting dialectical character of the discourse is replaced by horizontal connections; by encyclopaedias of places, corners, details, mysteriously silent doors. All these elements are separated from their context and acquire a new part in a new plot composed by the artist." 

Francesco Garutti, A story of crystals, fragments and déjà vu: Disassembling the Musem

Hopscotch was first presented at Bozar in the frame of Richard Venlet's exhibition -its walls, floors, ceiling and windows during Art Brussels on April 28th, 2019. It was presented a second time during the finissage of the exhibition on May 19th, 2019.
photos: Laura Herman