Etcetera Magazine 02

Issue 103  dans, theater, porno... / 09.2006

In September 2006 Etcetera Magazine sent around the questionnaire 'Nine Sex Questions', extrapolated from Art - A Sex Book by John Waters and Bruce Hainley, to several artists from different disciplines.

Originally intended as a centerfold for the magazine, this cover image and poster is a visual response to the following series of questions:

1. Can good art be a sexual turn-on?
2. Should anything be off-limits in contemporary art?
3. If a work is sexual in nature, does it colour the critical reactions?
4. How should museums and public institutions deal with explicit sex in contemporary art?
5. As an artist, have you ever been censored?
6. Can art be a bad influence on young people?
7. Has another contemporary artist's work ever shocked you?
8. Are you sometimes turned on by making your own art?
9. Have you ever used art as pornography?