Atomic 5.1

Video Loop - 12min (2010)
Production Le Fresnoy

Atomic 5.1 is a short film based on the set-up and choreographic material of the live performance of the same name (see projects). Cut to the rhythm of 5 stroboscopic lights which illuminate the scene, altering the way movement is perceived, the film stars performer Franziska Aigner. Both film & performance were produced at Le Fresnoy in 2010.

Performance: Franziska Aigner / Choreography & Light programmation : Ula Sickle / Sound concept, recording & mix : Yann Leguay / Camera : Guillaume Brault / Electrician : Sylvain Briant / Editing & Color Calibration: Pauline Pirisnury / Camera, script & light assistance: Ines Berghman, Charly Caillaux, Sophie Piedallu, Julien Party / Atomic 3000 light rental: Axyom / Production Le Fresnoy.