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Voor Ons

Text / Video

Performance 50min (2015)

At the invitation of the community arts association kleinVerhaal and the cultural center de Grote Post, Canadian/Polish choreographer Ula Sickle created Voor Ons – a performance that explores what contemporary dance is for 5 young people growing up in Ostend. For The Kids Are All Right festival at Brussels' Beursschouwburg, the performance is remade with a mixed cast of young people from Brussels and Ostend - Voor Ons / Pour Nous.

Coming from diverse backgrounds, the young performers all share a love for dance and music decisively located within the world of Pop. Together they construct a performance from out of the sources they are closest to; a collection of popular musical hits ripped from the Internet and exchanged via cell phones, accompanied by the latest dances sourced from youtube clips.

As the performance unfolds they stray from the mainstream, creating their own cover versions, self-made songs and dances. Voor Ons / Pour Nous sets up a process onstage where notions of global and local, mass produced or self-made and personal, are turned upside down.

choreography Beyoncé, Rosette Bodoque, Rachid Boulahrir, Chelsea Kamden, Christine and the Queens, Nicki Minaj (Matt Steffanina), Dominique Schepens, Celine Sezisoni, Sia (Ryan Heffington), Silentó, Stromae, Gordreche Toukou. 

concept and direction Ula Sickle brussels creation and performance Rosette Bodoque, Rachid Boulahri, Chelsea Kamden, Dominique Schepens, Celine Sezisoni, Gordreche Toukou (original Ostend creation and performance with Kenny Coolens) light design Greogory Rivoux choreographic assistance Julia Barrios de la Mora, Nassia Fourtouni Executive Production Robyn S. Akello-Okello - kleinVerhaal Co production Beursschouwburg, de grote Post with the support of the Province of West Flanders, the Flemish Community, Beursschouwburg, Stichting Koningin Paola Special thanks Ilse Duyck, David Helbich, Zen Jeffersen, Katja Dreyer,  Delores Hulan, Hana Miletic, KVS

Ostend Premiere: February 28 & March 1, 2015
Cultuurcentrum de Grote Post, Ostende (BE)

Brussels Premiere: 6 & 7 November, 2015
The Kids Are Alright - Beursschouwburg, Brussels (BE)